Revitalize Putnam County School Facilities

Proposed Plan to Revitalize Putnam County School Facilities

Press Release January 7th, 2021

Putnam County School Superintendent, Rick Surrency, is recommending to the School Board a phased plan to revitalize school facilities across the county. The first step to revitalize the District is to rightsize to ensure that there is alignment between the number of schools and the number of students. The recommendation for realignment proposes the permanent closure of five schools sites including Melrose Elementary School, E.H. Miller School, Jenkins Middle School, Mellon Elementary School, and Miller Middle School at the end of the 2020-2021 school year. 

By rightsizing the District and eliminating excessive buildings, PCSD would qualify for Special Facilities Funding from the State to construct new state of the art facilities. By the end of a ten year plan, Putnam County would boast 9 brand new school facilities for faculty and students. The proposal would also require a Bond Referendum.

The District is currently in the process of developing and implementing a new Strategic Plan that focuses on enhancing educational programs and activities.

Preparing students to succeed in today’s economy as well as in the economy of the future will require buildings that support transformative teaching and learning methodologies. Preparing students to be college and career ready will serve to close both the achievement and opportunity gaps, equipping Putnam students with 21st century skills.

This is a courageous new vision for Putnam County Public Schools!

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